FMS UK in collaboration with FMS have developed the Movement Patterns programme. The programme is a movement education – assessment – reporting and remediation software system for schools and sports associations.


Of all the challenges that await the next generation, health - specifically obesity – is among the most significant. According to the NHS nearly one third of children between the ages of 2-15 are either overweight or obese.

If we’re going to influence the health and fitness of the general population, we have to impact children first. Developing movement habits and preserving movement health of young people must be a priority.

The Movement Patterns programme allows teachers to screen for movement inefficiency to ensure a child has the basic foundation of movement quality to make the best programming decisions with precision and purpose.


The initial Functional Movement Screen is comprised of seven movement tests that require a balance of mobility and stability. The patterns used provide observable performance of basic, mobility and stability movements by placing children in challenging positions where weaknesses, imbalances, asymmetries and limitations become noticeable.

The programme captures fundamental movements, motor control within movement patterns, and assesses competence of basic movements uncomplicated by specific skills. It determines the greatest areas of movement deficiency, demonstrates limitations or asymmetries, and then correlates these with an outcome.

We retrain the body and importantly the brain to improve movement efficiency to re-establish sound movement patterns.


The programme is not about competition or elite sport – it’s about everyone – a tool to identify poorly developed or maintained movement patterns that potentially make gross motor skills or specific sports skills difficult.

The platform is accessed through an integrated FMS UK App – by phone or tablet – it stores every child’s results and establishes a movement passport that can be monitored continually. A report is automatically produced outlining any required remediation needed and the necessary training program established - this is available to be emailed to parents at any time.